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Anchors Away

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Anchors Away

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Put on your captain's hat and sunscreen, select a ship and fill your litre container with water, sand or rice. You are now ready to set sail for the lighthouse but you must be alert. This sea journey has many obstacles. Each time you land on an anchor you will be instructed to measure and to remove between 100ml and 400ml from your one litre container. Any Captain whose container is empty before his/her ship reaches the lighthouse will be presumed... Lost at Sea! This is a bright and inviting game designed to help children develop their skills of estimation, recording, comparing and measuring whilst gaining a firm understanding of the capacity of one litre. Players can also practise making graphic representation by recording their voyages using 1cm cubes on the 'Fuel Tanks' printed on the mat. (1 cube equals 100ml).
Anchors Away is printed on a sturdy mat measuring 90cm x 33.5cm and is supplied with movers, dice, 40 x 1cm cubes and four measuring jugs.(1ltr jugs not included).


Product Code: LF_LAA